Neos Marmaras Sithonia, Halkidiki

Located in the central part of West Sithonia

A hilly pearl by the seaside overshadowed by a mount. That is how you can describe Neos Marmaras, Sithonia. Located by the coast of the Toroneos Gulf in North Aegean Sea, Neos (New) Marmaras is an attractive summertime resort. The picturesque settlement has all the prerequisites for a pleasant and tranquil vacation. Plus, it features an ideal location for touring Sithonia and the rest of Halkidiki, Greece.


The first inhabitants of Neos Marmaras arrived as refugees in 1924 from their home country ‘’Marmaras island’’ located in the ‘’Marmaras Sea’’ or ‘’Propontis’’. Since 1960 the inhabitants of the village ‘’Parthenon’’ gradually abandoned their village and joined the people of Neos Marmaras

The location of Neos Marmaras

Located in the central part of West Sithonia, the Neos Marmaras resort features a great proximity to the rest of the peninsula. The circle road passing by the settlement connects the resort with all the beaches and places of interest. Lagomandra and Kalogria beaches, which are among several most beautiful, are a short drive away. Furthermore, Mount Itamos, a beautiful mountain with various trails, is also nearby.

Facilities of the Neos Marmaras resort

The resort has all necessary facilities for a carefree and relaxing holiday. Bakeries, groceries, pharmacies, a clinic and other first-priority facilities are available. Furthermore, you will notice various stores selling garments and accessories while walking around. There are also taverns and restaurants on elevated grounds overlooking the rugged coastline. These are great places for dining as the sun sets. Stores selling traditional Greek products, such as olives, various delicacies and local cosmetics, and beauty salons won’t miss your eye.

Things to do

Sithonia doesn’t lack first-class beaches, and some of them are near Neos Marmaras. Paradiso beach is next to the settlement, while Spathies, Elia, Lagomandra and Kalogria are somewhat farther. You will find water sports opportunities around. Lagomandra Beach and the upscale Porto Carras resort are main focal points for these activities.

Mountain biking, hiking and bird-watching are some alternatives you can enjoy on Mount Itamos. By reaching its peak, admire views of Halkidiki and the Aegean Sea. Finally, join a boat tour toward Mount Athos or other parts of the region from the marina, Sailing or Scuba Diving and the famous Toroneos Cruise. Also, you can do private fishing tours.

How to get to Neos Marmaras?

You can arrive in Neos Marmaras from Thessaloniki with ease by car. Thessaloniki is the main air base in Northern Greece, with available shuttles. Finally, you can get to the resort by boat since it has the marina.